Harry’s Magic gets People Talking!

We are often hired by companies for the sole purpose of creating attention and stopping traffic. Magic has that unique effect on people. One of our clients, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, hired us to entertain at their convention booth at McCormick Place in Chicago.

For those unfamiliar with McCormick Place, the total isle length of the convention space is over TEN MILES LONG! For three days, we literally stopped traffic in the isles by performing comedy magic at their convention booth and turned what would have been simple “passers by” into prospects.

For the NJ Builders Association Convention, we made half of the Pettibone Corporation booth into a performance stage and literally did a “stand-up” show every two hours! The show times were posted and at the appointed time, conventioneers stopped what they were doing to race to our booth for a fun-filled 20 minute show.

People talked about the shows at the “Pettibone Booth” throughout the three day convention. As a result, the booth we had designed was awarded “Best Convention Booth” at the convention! If that were not enough, we designed a publicity generating routine where for our final performance, a prediction that I had made weeks earlier which had been sealed, notarized and mailed to the convention was opened by the Governor of New Jersey (who was speaking at the convention) and the prediction correctly guessed the headline of that day’s Philadelphia Enquirer — which gave Pettibone Corporation press coverage and photos in many New Jersey and Pennsylvania newspapers!

We created a “newsworthy” event out of a simple convention booth!

Our client was thrilled!


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