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Our Clients Include...

Create an Evening Unlike Any Other!

A unique and fun evening filled with

Magic, Comedy, Drama, Spectacle, Surprise, Puzzlement... and Wonder!

Harry Maurer (pronounced like "power") is a comedy magician who presents interactive comedy and magic entertainment at company events.

Nominated for a prestigious "Atlantic City Entertainer of the Year Award" and with credits that include top cruise lines and entertainment venues around the world, Harry will have your audience laughing, amazed, and cheering with the same professional entertainment that you've seen him present in Casino Showrooms around the country and aboard the very best cruise lines in the world!

As a premier corporate entertainer, Harry Maurer presents a show that enhances your event -- makes it memorable -- fits easily into nearly any environment -- and is designed to fit smoothly into your plans so that your evening can run effortlessly and professionally.

Don't take our word for it -- just ask our past clients like Panasonic Corporation, Royce Homes, General Foods, National Oilwell Varco, CitiCorp, Baker Hughes, Pfizer -- and many others!

His shows include...

Stimulating magic that stuns and amazes audiences and keeps people talking long after the event is through.

Audience engagement that gets people to experience "impossibilities" right in their own hands in a fun and friendly way!

Great "clean" comedy that keeps people laughing while creating a fun and joyful environment!

NOTE: This is not “children’s birthday party” magic – this is CLEAN fun, adult entertainment — the same shows that Harry presents in some of the most exclusive venues in the world!

Why not arrange a powerful and memorable evening of Comedy and Magic at your upcoming event? -- An evening that will keep your group talking long after the night is over!

...This could be the best entertainment your group has ever had!

"His easy manner with the audience combined with a magical skill second to none, is what the audience remembers after the curtain goes down..."


An "Evening of Magic & Comedy"

For Large and Small Events!

"Your show was worth every penny and leaves us with just one problem...

How do we find a better one for next year?”

- Tony Torres – Vice President


An "Evening of

Magic & Comedy"
For Large or Small Events!

"Your show was worth every penny and leaves us with just one problem...

How do we find a better one for next year?”

- Tony Torres – Vice President


Here’s Everything you get

with our Entertainment Package:


An amazingly fun and clean 60 Minute (or more) comedy and magic performance designed to fit into your venue, backed with exciting music and audience interaction.


If appropriate, we will include a sound system suitable for groups of up to 400 people (extra mic included for speeches or presentations) – no need to rent a sound system unless you expect a larger audience!


If desired, carefully crafted dinner and pre-show music is included which allows people to talk during dinner while it builds in drama and excitement as showtime approaches (no need to suffer through “piped-in” house music all night!)


And — for a small additional fee, we can include up to one hour of “Close-Up Magic” (strolling entertainment) added to your cocktail hour or prior to dinner to make the evening extra special!

Why not add an additional hour of "Close-up" Magic during the cocktail hour to create a full "done-for-you" evening of Entertainment?

What is Close-Up Magic?

"Close up" Magic is intimate sleight of hand and “micro-magic” performed for small groups of people at a time during the cocktail hour or at the table sides before the meal where they experience magic happening right in their hands!

Don’t underestimate the power of this interactive entertainment!!!

It is personal, intimate strolling magic intentionally designed to make people feel welcome by getting people talking, laughing, and engaging with each other right at the start of your evening.

It gives them something unusual to experience and talk about — and by the time the main show starts at dessert, your guests are already cheering!

Click the video to See how adding "Close-up Magic" can make your event AMAZING!

Want to See How POWERFUL
Close-up Magic Can Be?

Here's a segment Harry did on ABC-TV in San Antonio...

"We had a great time with the magic of Harry Maurer on Friday night for our company Christmas party. I was told that was the best entertainment we have ever had.

Make sure to include the close up magic, I thought it was as good as the actual show!"

- Tanya Puig

JRBT Certified Public Accountants

Client Testimonials!

“…It’s been days now and people are still talking about the show. Your personal touch in working with us so that the dinner and show went smoothly did not go unnoticed. Your timing, comedy and ability to “work the crowd” kept everybody totally involved in the show.

Your show was worth every penny and leaves us with just one problem. How do we find a better one for next year?”

Tony Torres – Vice President


“…while we were initially unsure of exactly what to expect, the professional way in which your act was set up and performed quickly alleviated any worries we might have had. I would wholeheartedly recommend your performance to any corporate or other group looking for a really fun and professional evening of entertainment.”

L.E. Dupre


“Your performance was a week ago and I am still hearing positive comments on the show from our staff… You are a fabulous performer and I would highly recommend you to anyone who would be interested in having a first rate performer bring comedy and magic to their occasion.”

Lisa Clark


“Your performance was really spectacular! The guests enjoyed themselves and your rapport provided an instant boost in excitement from the crowd. My boss thought the performance was wonderful; perfectly on par with what he’d expect from a Las Vegas show. Thank you again!”

Meghan Stephens



“He was amazing! I loved his show! — If you are considering a magician for your event…you must use Harry Maurer. We contracted him for our chamber of commerce installation banquet and I have had many people tell me it was the best installation banquet that we have ever had. It has been 10 days since his performance and people are still talking about him. Thanks Harry for a great show!

Glenda Dean, President



"Absolutely Great Evening. - Harry's performance was way more than I had expected. For starters, his preshow entertainment with the guests was entertaining and amazing. He was really engaged in making the evening a great experience for everyone. Of course his show went to the next level. His magic and sleight-of-hand is the best I've ever seen.

But what really set him apart was his personality and ability to connect with everyone in the audience. Magic and humor that left everyone amazed. He even chatted and played with my guests after his show. They all loved him and they are still talking about it."

Greg Yakim


“Our employees are talking about the magic show this morning (two days later!). Everything went very smoothly just as you had promised and I was very impressed with how you engaged the group with strolling magic at the beginning of the evening. You had a very good eye for when a group was open and ready for entertainment and when to move along to the next group. We were very pleased with your services!”

Jessica Cianciotto

PHR Human Resources Manager


“I would like to express our appreciation and delight for your outstanding performance. You truly embodied the professional spirit and your routines were nothing short of amazing! Your magic brought out the wonder in all of us, and your hilarious dialogue was just as entertaining. It was a pleasure to see a real “pro” at work and we were absolutely delighted by your presence… we hope to be seeing more of you in the near future….”

J. C. Morris, Jr.


National Press

"The key to this production is 'magico' Harry Maurer, a brash, youthful performer with a good sense of humor who knows how to get around audiences."


"What makes the evening good fun is the get-in-on-the-fun feeling generated by magician Harry Maurer."


"Magician/comedian Harry Maurer is a delight. He has possessing qualities that whole-heartedly deserved the cheers from the audience. He definitely has a special style of delivery. This young man is going places!"


"Before you can blink your eyes or take a deep breath magician-comedian Harry Maurer takes the stage. Now I was sitting 10-15 feet from the stage and I have absolutely no idea how this guy does these tricks, but I do know one thing, Maurer is good -- very good! This just might be one of the best entertainment values anywhere in South Jersey, not just Atlantic City!"


"His easy manner with the audience combined with a magical skill second to none is what the audience remembers after the curtain goes down..."


"... magician-comedian Harry Maurer is appealing and very good."


"Maurer's big on audience participation and is one of those extremely competent comedians who handles this exceptionally well. He'll do a guillotine joke here, a card trick there, but always with a skill that gauges the temper of his audience from the word go and works from there."


“Ah, but then came the good stuff. . . We speak of comedian-magician Harry Maurer... For our money, he provided the best casino amusement we’ve seen on the Coast. . . Maurer left the stage, and we watched the rest of the show wind up -- And it was OK, but we found ourselves hungry for more of Maurer’s magic. Because, despite a Mick-Jagger president, a trembling Wall Street, and a hurricane threat, when Maurer had been on stage, we were certain the sun had broken through the clouds. At least for a little while.”


Here's What Audience Members

Have to Say!

"A lot of magicians TRY to be funny, but Harry Maurer is actually hilarious! What a fantastic show! "

Mary Self

Atlanta, GA

"I’ve usually found magicians to be boring simply because they are so often full of themselves. Harry Maurer changed my opinion! I felt like I was being entertained by a good friend who was having as much fun as I was. Harry made an audience of several hundred feel as though each of us was as important to the performance as he was. The illusions were all presented in a casual, fun way without losing any of their spectacular mystery. I was amazed, entertained and completely awed! What a fun show! "

Marc Langer

Cleveland , OK

"My wife and I were expecting the routine run-of-the-mill magic show. Instead we experienced an evening of witty humorous entertainment and fascinating magic! "

Howard Wernick

Phoenix AZ

"It was the greatest magic show we have ever seen! Harry really is a magician who knows how to entertain. He’s very witty and involves his audience. "

Ed Haberman

Victoria, B.C. Canada

"Very entertaining and fast-moving. He had the audience eating right out of his hand!! "

Ronald Williams

Lebanon, OR

"We had a fabulous time and your show was amazing. I would like to have seen more of you. Keep up the great shows — can’t wait to see you again. "

Kathy Magnuson

Delta, British Columbia, Canada

"Never have I been more captivated by a performance, you are truly a great magician. "

Donna Loomis

La Grange, TX

"You certainly have the personality to go with the magic!! The enjoyment just radiates! "

Nancy Harbert

"Not only the best magician I’ve ever seen, but a very funny comedian. On top of all that, a really nice guy! Saw him two times and wanted even more. "

Jerry Feingold

Ventura, CA

"I think we could have watched him every night and not gotten tired of his “schtick”. A great entertainer. I will seek out his performances in the future. "

Bob Peppin

Redmond, WA

"I’ve been to Las Vegas numerous times and have seen many magic shows. Your show is great and I will recommend it to my friends. "

Rod Karch

San Antonio, TX

"I needed to go to the bathroom during your show but couldn’t leave because your show was marvelous! "

Aaron Richard

Oklahoma City, OK

"I needed to go to the bathroom during your show but couldn’t leave because your show was marvelous! "

Aaron Richard

Oklahoma City, OK

About Magician Harry Maurer

Nominated for a prestigious “Atlantic City Entertainer of the Year Award” Harry Maurer (pronounced like “power”) is a comedy magician with a quick wit and a charming personality who knows how to get people to laugh while being amazed! He has led a diverse career by opening for such stars as The Supremes, Rita Rudner, Ray Romano, Joey Bishop, Jason Alexander, Rich Jeni, Rosie O’Donnell, Frankie Avalon, and so many others while entertaining U.S. Presidents, Celebrities, and even International Royalty with his fun and interactive magical style.

As a child, Harry was determined to be a magician and performed his first of many nightclub shows at the age of 13. By the time he reached High School, with the permission of his teachers and Principal he had managed to re-arrange his class schedule so that he could leave school early each day to perform the matinee and evening shows at a nightclub at the New Jersey shore!

Throughout his college years he continued juggling school and work by learning from professional Broadway acting coaches and scenic and lighting designers during the day at the “Mason Gross School of the Arts” at Rutgers University while entertaining onstage nightly at the New York Playboy Club breaking a record for the most performances of any solo entertainer in the circuit!

Presenting over 1,300 shows at The Playboy Club gave him the opportunity to work closely with and to learn from professional entertainers on a nightly basis while hanging out with top New York comedians during the heyday of “Catch a Rising Star”, “Dangerfield’s” and “The Improv”.

With his consistently clean and entertaining shows, he was asked to join comedy legends Joey Bishop (from Sinatra’s original “Rat Pack”), Jackie Vernon, and other national stars on a five-month tour of the United States followed by a four-month engagement in Atlantic City where the hit show sold out its nearly 2,000 seats each day! Since then he has entertained in more than half of the showrooms in Atlantic City including two "back-to-back" shows at the Golden Nugget Casino awarding him a prestigious "Atlantic City Entertainer of the Year Award" nomination!

Malcolm Gladwell in his landmark book “Outliers” states with certainty that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in any field. Between Harry’s years of professional entertainment performing on cruise ships around the world, his 1,300 shows with the Playboy Circuit, his years of performing in theaters around the country and starring in production shows around the world (presenting as many as 13 shows per week) — Harry has clocked more than 10,000 hours! -- He is more than just “masterful”… he is an extremely skilled, fun, and proficient entertainer which you can tell the moment he steps out onto the stage!

Harry Maurer presents a show that should not be missed!


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